The Problem

Writing is a difficult and complex skill. You must perform dozens of tasks at the same time. And where do you start? Usually a blank piece of paper. ¶ When teaching a complex skill, a good teacher uses an instructional strategy called, "scaffolding." This means that the teacher provides help and support with larger tasks so the learner can focus on smaller tasks. ¶ Fan fiction can provide this scaffolding. Fan fiction is when you take an existing world or story and rewrite it. Instead of starting with a blank piece of paper, you start with an existing story. A writer can focus on a single task such as writing dialogue or creating conflict, because other areas of the story are already complete. ¶ The problem, however, is that fan fiction is technically illegal. You can't publish, sell, or share your story with others. ¶ As authors and educators we realize the learning potential of fan fiction, but because of existing copyright laws, writers are limited in how they use this powerful tool.

The Solution

We want to create an exciting world specifically built for fan fiction. This world will have intriguing characters, a rich setting, and multiple potential story lines. ¶ The foundation of this world will come from three novellas. Each novella will be a complete story that introduces the world, the characters, and the problems and conflict that each character faces. ¶ Eventually we hope to have short stories, story starts, and first chapters upon which people can build. All of the content will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution license. This means you can use our characters, our settings, and our material however you want. This includes sharing, publishing, and even selling your work. ¶ It is our hope that as the stories grow, the canon will grow. The world will become deeper and richer as many hands add to the work.

The World

It is the near future. Peace and prosperity grows as technology improves the lives of all humanity. Mankind determines that in order to ensure their survival they must become a multi-planet species. A mission statement is created, one that will guide us to the stars.


The purpose of the Hundred-year Project is to ensure the survival of the human race. This feat will be accomplished by completing the following tasks within the next hundred years:
· Find a planet suitable for colonization
· Design and build a ship—named The Centennial—capable of interstellar space travel
· Launch the Centennial with colonists who will populate the aforementioned planet
The Hundred Year Project executive committee will oversee all aspects of this endeavor and do so with fairness, equity, and the utmost respect to all humans of every nation.

And so it begins . . .

Massive Fiction